IGNSS2018 Proceedings


# Authors Title
5 Elizabeth Smith, Joon Wayn Cheong, Andrew Dempster and Mark Knight Integrity Capability of Standalone GPS in CITS
6 Ahmed El-Mowafy A New Model for Precise Point Positioning to Improve Fault Detection
8 Volker Janssen and Tony Watson Performance Evaluation of AUSGeoid2020 in NSW
10 Davide Imparato, Ahmed El-Mowafy, Chris Rizos and Jinling Wang Vulnerabilities in SBAS and RTK Positioning in Intelligent Transport Systems: An Overview
12 Salil Goel, Jelena Gabela, Allison Kealy and Guenther Retscher An Indoor-Outdoor Cooperative Localization Framework for UAVs
13 Hatem Hmam Approximation solutions to the Cartesian to geodetic coordinate transformation problem
17 Thomas Fuhrmann, Matt Garthwaite, Sarah Lawrie and Nick Brown Combination of GNSS and InSAR for Future Australian Datums
19 Andrew Dempster Use of GPS Data as Evidence in Court
21 Jelena Gabela, Salil Goel, Allison Kealy, Mark Hedley, Bill Moran and Simon Williams Cramér Rao Bound Analysis for Cooperative Positioning in Intelligent Transportation Systems
24 Yan Li, Simon Williams, Bill Moran and Allison Kealy Quantized RSS based Wi-Fi Indoor Localization with Room Level Accuracy
25 Guenther Retscher, Yan Li, Simon Williams, Allison Kealy, Bill Moran, Salil Goel and Jelena Gabela Wi-Fi Positioning Using a Network Differential Approach for Real-time Calibration
34 Ken Harima, Suelynn Choy and Chris Rizos Compact of multi-GNSS PPP corrections messages for transmission through a 250 bps channel
42 Ben Southwell and Andrew Dempster Sliding Window Integration for Global Navigation Satellite System Reflectometry (GNSS-R)
60 Shenghong Li, Mark Hedley, Alija Kajan, Wei Ni and Iain Collings Fusion of RTK GNSS receiver and IMU for accurate vehicle tracking


26 Joon Wayn Cheong and Andrew G Dempster Interference Localisation Methods using Direct Position Determination Concept
27 Shuyang Cheng and Jinling Wang Analysis of Double-Differenced Multi-GNSS Inter-System Biases for Overlapping and Mixed Frequencies
29 Eamonn Glennon, Elias Aboutanios and Andrew Dempster GNSS Requirements for Distributed Beamforming Architectures for Space and Airborne Applications
31 Jiang Liu, Chris Rizos and Bai-Gen Cai Integrity Monitoring of Vehicle Positioning using Cooperative Measurements under Connected Vehicles Environments
33 Jun Wang, Lee Hellen and Shane Frischkorn Architecture and evaluation of an automatic GNSS embankment deformation monitoring system
48 Ullah Ihsan, Ziqing Wang, Robert Malaney, Andrew Dempster and Shihao Yan Location Verification Performance in the Presence of Verifier Location Error
49 Chao Sun, Joon Wayn Cheong, Andrew Dempster, Laure Demicheli, Ediz Cetin and Hongbo Zhao Performance assessment of multi-metric joint detection technique for anti-spoofing

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